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Dental Services

Dental Services at Garabito Dental in Jacó, Costa Rica

Implants dentist service

Implants are the best solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth, in which a screw (implant) is placed in the space where the missing tooth should be without touching the adjacent teeth and then by placing the final crown over the implant after this is integrated to the bone we get the aesthetic and function the patient had before.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Garabito Dental service

When you have loos dental structure because of grinding your teeth or for other several damages causing by cavities or other dental disease; you can remodel your bite and cosmetic by placing crowns all over your teeth, and recover your complete dental function.

Hybrid Dentures service at Garabito Dental

When you lose all your teeth and don’t want to have a removable denture you can opt for this procedure, that consist in attach implants to the dentures so these are going to be fixed to the implants and are not going to move anymore.

Dental surgery service in Costa Rica

We offer all kind of hard and soft tissues surgery, like wisdom tooth removal, impacted teeth removal, frenectomy, crowns enlargement, gingivoplasty, gingyvectomy,   bone regularizations, cyst removals and also cosmetic procedures as bichectomy (cheeks molding).

L-PRF natural regeneration dentist service

For our grafts we apply an autologous type sometimes combine with regular bone graft in which we pull out blood from the patient and take put it in a centrifuge that give us the essential components in leucocyte-plasma rich in fibrin, that guarantee us a bone grown in places where we need to place implants and don’t have enough bone structure.

Endodontics dentist service in Costa Rica

Performed by our specialist we save dental tooth that otherwise are indicated for extraction. This treatment gives the tooth more long life combine with an adequate reconstruction.

Orthodontics dentist service in Costa Rica

Performed by our specialist we offer all kind off options in orthodontic, like the regular treatment with metallic braces, or aesthetic braces and also the innovative invisaling orthodontic treatment.

Laser and Mold Whitening dentist service in Costa Rica

You can choose our options in whitening as the molds take home system or our light cure systems as zoom! or Glo.

Veneers dentist service in Costa Rica

Recover your smile by perform veneers in your frontal teeth in which the wear is minimum and the aesthetic is amazing.

Crowns and bridges dentist service in Jaco Costa Rica

Crowns are made to reconstruct all the missing dental structure caused by cavities, bad shape, or after a root canal. And when implants are not an option, you choose to perform a bridge in which we drill the adjacent teeth to place several crowns together and so replace missing teeth.

General kids dentistry in Costa Rica

You also can bring your kids to do their dental work with us; we also count with a nice kid’s area where they can enjoy while you are doing your dental work.

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